End Of An Era

The end of everything I ever knew. And loved.

After six years of being a student, my academic career is approaching its imminent end. It’s over. For now.

I remember the excitement six years ago. Everything was so new and there was this special something in the air. Everything was changing. Everything was exciting.

I will miss it all. The first crappy apartment. First time living on my own, away from my family. My beloved yellow apartment. Mistakes and choosing the wrong major before finding my calling. Long all nighters, coffee galore and race against time. Waking up at 5 am to study.  Friends, acquaintances, enemies, interns, students, teachers…beautiful encounters. Endless experiences. Growing up, a little. Hurting, a lot. Struggling, a lot. Joy and success. Happiness. Realizing how big the world is. And how small you are.

Goodbye student life, you will be missed. And thank you for every bad and every good second of those six years. You were my “boule de protection”. Now I have to face the real world.

June22 Collages571

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