I love going to Paris. The strolls along the Seine, the traditional crêpes, the beauty, the architecture, the Parisian lifestyle, the walking, the bridges, the lights and the whole atmosphere.

It’s the perfect city for photographers and a dreamer like me. I need to go there every couple of years to get my Paris-dose. It’s my drug, I guess.

But, like every time I visit Paris, Paris has a disaster planned for me. Medical emergencies and emergency rooms instead of my perfect planning, crossing off things from my list and sightseeing. Life, I guess. Plans never work. And so our long weekend turned into a one-day and one-night in Paris.

Nevertheless, I forgive you, I still love you and we shall meet again, very very soon!

Paris, je t'aime4 Collages695 Collages696 Collages697 Collages698 Paris, je t'aime5 Collages700 Collages701 Collages702 Paris, je t'aime6 Paris, je t'aime7 Paris, je t'aime8 Paris, je t'aime9 Collages703 Collages704 Collages705 Collages706 Paris, je t'aime10 Collages708 Paris, je t'aime11 Paris, je t'aime12 Collages712 Collages713 Collages714 Collages715 Paris, je t'aime13 Collages716 Collages717 Collages718 Collages720 Collages721 Collages722

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