Tales Of California-Part 1

Somewhere along the Westcoast: San Simeon, Big Sur, Monterey.

DSC_3311-001 DSC_3423-001 DSC_3632-001 DSC_3661-001 DSC_3699-001 DSC_3749-001 DSC_3820-001 DSC_3899-001 DSC_3910-001 DSC_4047-001 DSC_4174-001 DSC_4246-001 DSC_4271-001 DSC_4311-001 DSC_4324-001 DSC_4369-001 DSC_4409-001 DSC_4415-001 DSC_4460-001 DSC_4469-001 DSC_4684-001 DSC_4795-001 DSC_4823-001 DSC_4919-001 DSC_4925-001 DSC_4951-001 DSC_4980-001 DSC_4984-001 DSC_5218-001 DSC_5316-001 DSC_5341-001 DSC_5432-001 DSC_5440-001 DSC_5445 DSC_5524-001 DSC_5526-001 DSC_5546 DSC_5557-001 DSC_5559-001 DSC_5580-001 DSC_5682-001 DSC_5685-001 DSC_5721-001

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