The First Time

On Monday evening, it was my first time…to attend a Blogger_Lu-meeting. I was nervous and excited. It turned out to be a beautiful experience. I met some of the bloggers who I have been following and it was kind of weird to meet them in real life. I also got to meet some amazing new people.

Let’s get back to Monday’s event: It was all about Italian food! The lovely staff of Vapiano, one of my favorite pasta-places in Luxembourg, offered us a little crash-course on Italian cooking.  The bloggers were invited to have a look behind Vapiano’s kitchen. Some of us got a little cooking lesson on pizzas and others got to see how to make their delicious pasta. Afterwards, you had to cook it yourself. After eating our well earned meal, me entered the second half of the evening: making our own deserts or cocktails. Of course, I was tempted by the desert: crema di fragola, a beautiful and delicious calorie packed glass full of cream and strawberries. Before we left, we got a little goody-bag.

Bref, it was a nice experience in a beautiful setting with good company. I am looking to future blogger-events.

DSC_2911 DSC_2914 DSC_2930 DSC_2931 DSC_2940 DSC_2950 DSC_2954 DSC_2967 DSC_2972 DSC_2995 DSC_3003 DSC_3011 DSC_3013 DSC_3046

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