The Art Of Decluttering

I want to lead a simple life. A pure life. Without all the excess and materialism. Without the complications.
Ironically, I used to a a hoarder, especially during my teenage years. During the last couple of days, a big decluttering-action has been going on. From my clothes, to my shoes to stupid ornaments and decoration I bought years ago to school projects and school paintings to my couple of boxes of stuff I bought back from Brussels after my studies. Then there are all my books, syllabuses and notes from Uni. It took me ages to look through all of them and decide what to keep and what to throw away, with a very heavy heart. And one of the most time-consuming thing: all my “memory boxes”. As I said, I used to a big time hoarder. I used to collect stupid little things and put them in boxes, all perfectly organized: Lycée boxes (one for each school year), travel boxes, souvenir boxes, collection boxes and I would put the weirdest and the most random things in it, like tissues and straws (unused of course). Those are the hardest things to departure from, all those stupid little notes from your friends, letters, my “Bréiwpapeier” collection or my sticker collection etc.
But at last, it is done.
I think I have about 30 kg of paper and tons of clothes and other randoms things in the garage,  waiting to  be transported to the recycling center.
I feel lighter, better. A step closer to letting go. Goodbye past and hello newness.
Collages1205 Collages1206 Collages1207 Spring Clean

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