On Sunday, I took part in the second edition of  Influence Luxembourg project in the beautiful Grund. This project brings together photographers, models and designers.

 It was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. I love taking pictures but I have never ventured into model-shooting. And it turns out, it isn’t really my thing and I don’t think I have a lot of talent for it. But I will take part again because I love the whole concept. It was a beautiful afternoon where I met wonderful people and had an amazing time.

I met the owner of a vintage second hand shop in Bereldange, who brought her clothes for the shooting. And then there was a little flower crown business: Crowns & Petticoats. I LOVE flower crowns and she had the most amazing crowns. I couldn’t resist trying some.

So there was a lot of different kind of creativity and talent that came together and the result was a beautiful afternoon of newness. I am excited to see the result on the 27/06 at the Vintage Tresor Pop-up.

DSC_8734 DSC_8736 DSC_8738 DSC_8746 DSC_8753 DSC_8768 DSC_8769 DSC_8773 DSC_8775 DSC_8776 DSC_8785 DSC_8798 DSC_8809 DSC_8813 DSC_8821 DSC_8845 DSC_8868 DSC_8896 DSC_8911 DSC_8949 DSC_8957 DSC_8960 DSC_8991

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