Influence Lx-Part 3

Influence Lx: a project I am growing more and more fond of. It’s a monthly meeting between photographers and models. The location changes every month along with a specific theme. The project is fairly new but it has become quite successful already. The firs shooting was in may in Kircherg near the Philharmonie. The second one was in the Grund with the theme “vintage”. There was even a mini-exposition of some of the pictures during a very interesting weekend.
The third meeting was on the 26.07 in Belval and the theme was urban. I loved the location, which was on my to-do-list for the longest time. As this was my second time, I was a bit more comfortable. I still think that taking posed pictures is not my forte, but I like to experiment.

 I love the concept and the lovely organizers (Seriously, Melissa is a such a sunshine). There is so much creativity! And so many amazing photographers with so much talent.

I am already looking  forward to the next meeting! Till then, enjoy some of the pictures.

DSC_2741 DSC_2759 DSC_2775 DSC_2779 DSC_2795 DSC_2806 DSC_2845 DSC_2858 DSC_2886 DSC_2902 DSC_2915 DSC_2921 DSC_2933 DSC_2947 DSC_2948 DSC_2958 DSC_2973 DSC_2982 DSC_2985 DSC_2995 DSC_2999 DSC_3003 DSC_3005 DSC_3014 DSC_3040 DSC_3056 DSC_3060 DSC_3073 DSC_3082

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