Paris-Part 5

Day 4: Walking around in the 15th arrondissement, the very big Père Lachaise Cemetery, Jardindes Plantes, La Grande Mosquée, Faubourg-Saint-Denis and the train back home. P (1790) P (1829) P (1833) P (1834) P (1845) P (1863) P (1871) P (1883) P (1884) P (1887) P (1919) P (2065) P (2201) P (2231) P (2238) P (2243) P (2254) P (2259) P (2265) P (2278) P (2297) P (2302) P (2312) P (2323) P (2340) P (2351) P (2353)

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    • This was the first time I went. I think that before I wasn’t ready. I hope that one day you go because it is impressive and it makes you think about life.

  1. Each and every of these posts from Paris remind me of a particular trip to the city.. I still have great memories about Pere Lachaise visit (I was definitely a teenager and wanted to see some “idols”) and the Mosque (I went there for an interview and spent some time walking around)…. More pictures please!


    • Paris is so full of discoveries. I have been so many time, but I always discover new things. Also the older I get, the more I see and thus discover things differently. This was my last post on Paris for this trip. I need to go again to take more pictures to post 😉

  2. I’m making a Paris travel guide based on your photos…. Don’t be surprised if I publish one day my photos that look like yours 😉

    • That’s so cool 🙂 But this time around, I didn’t do any of the typical touristy things. If you want to see the more touristy things, check out my Paris-album on FB. Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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