Editors is one of those bands that has sentimental value for me. I clearly remember how I discovered them during my first year of uni, a year full of changes. I would listen to songs like Blood, Bullets, And End Has A Start, Smokers Outside The Hospital Door and The Weight Of The World all the time. They were my favorite songs during that transition phase. I liked their rock-alternative style. And of course Tom Smith’s amazing voice. The lyrics kind of felt relevant. So when I read in July that they were coming to Luxembourg, I instantly bought my ticket, without even knowing if I could go or not. Their latest album is a bit different from the Editors that marked my uni-years. It’s more electronic and I must say that I preferred their earlier work.

The Twilight Sad started Sunday’s evening. The lead singer was, let’s just say, very energetic and theatrical. At some point, one would think he is possessed. The songs were ok, but nothing more. Then finally Editors played for almost 2 hours. And it was a delight. Tom Smith had this presence on stage and it was beautiful to watch him and listen to them. Of course they played some of the old songs, which made me very happy. My favorite part was when Tom Smith played Smokers Outside The Hospital Door in an acoustic version.

But it wasn’t as magical as Sufjan Stevens. He has made it very hard for my to like my future concerts as much as I did his. Damn it.

Next concert: Beach House on Thursday.

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  1. oh, you attend so many interesting gig! I tend to get bored after a while if the group/player who is performing is not my favorite favorite one.. this is the reason because I really prefer to go to festivals – where performances are shorter – or only to my really fav artists.
    I have to open my mind a bit 🙂


    • I prefer the other way. I am not a big fan of festivals. They make me nervous and stressed out -_- I prefer seeing a band that I like in full length 🙂 I am just sometimes disappointed in the opening band.

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