Last Week

Was uber crazy. Somewhere between being really sick, boxing up our office-stuff at work, moving, volunteering on a Saturday morning, working till 20h00 on a Friday night, even working on Saturday afternoon, a surprise visit from a cousin from Los Angeles, an unofficial photo shoot for my old workplace and a concert on Sunday night to end the week, I kind of transformed into a zombie. And missed out on so many fun events I was looking forward to. Despite being exhausted, I laughed so much with my work colleagues and the move was easier then anticipated.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful team. And I love our new office space and I absolutely love the view over Grund. There is so much newness to be explored. And the beautiful fall leaves and the fog were just a little plus for the eyes. I will have to take my camera to work one day and take pictures. Instead of working. Oups.

Here are some random pictures from last week.

DSC_3375 DSC_3383 DSC_3384 IMG_2656 IMG_2667 IMG_2670 IMG_2676 IMG_2683 IMG_2692 IMG_2717 IMG_2724 IMG_2731


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