I love circus, even as an adult. I love the sweet smell of popcorn and those melodies that remind you of carefree childhood-days. Most of all, I love the art. I am in awe when I see what people can do with their bodies and fascinated by the beauty.

So when a couple of months ago, I saw that Cirque du Soleil is returning to Luxembourg with Varekai, my little heart made a happy-dance. I never had a chance to see an authentic Cirque du Soleil show, so I told myself that I had to try my best this time.

On 16.11.2015, Rockhal held a press conference for Varekai as they will be hosting the show in a couple of weeks (17.02.2016-21.02.2016). Bloggers were invited to the press conference. And my heart made another happy-dance. The location for the press conference was perfect: The Haut Fourneau in Belval.

The conference started with a little speech by Julie, the touring publicist of Varekai. She talked about the story of Varekai and more generally about Cirque du Soleil and its history. It all started in Canada in 1984 when a group of 20 passionate street performers got together. Their goal was to evoke emotions of people with their art. Varekai was first performed in 2002 and has Greek mythology elements in it. It is a story of a journey, of creatures and of love.

And then we got a little glimpse of the show. There were two performances by 5 different artists, who came all the way to Luxembourg for this conference. And it blew my mind. It was beautiful. I have so much admiration for people who have so much determination and passion to do all these amazing things with their body.
After the little show, we walked around the Haut Fourneau and we could take pictures of the artists in their make-up and costumes. I loved the contrast of the colorful costumes and the not so colorful background.

The last part of the conference was the interview. The artists took time to give mini-interviews to the journalists and bloggers who were still there. I had the opportunity to interview Kateryna Sytnokova and Anastasia Melchyneko, 2 young performers from Ukraine. I had a very interesting chat with them.

They both have been performing for Cirque du Soleil for the last two years and Varekai was their first show. Before, they were doing gymnastics for about 13 years. They have known each other for a long time and are happy to take this exciting journey together. They started when they were children and are happy to have this opportunity where they can do what they love and at the same time explore the world as they travel all around the globe with Cirque du Soleil. They told me that they always have at least one day off everywhere they go and they use it to discover every new place they go to. They love their exciting job. Being on the road for so long, they do miss their family and friends from back home. But then, they say that they have each other to share their experiences and of course the whole Varekai-group, which is a large family of around 70 people in total. Being a very nervous person myself, I was wondering how they cope with stress and nervousness before a show infront of so many people. They said that in the beginning it was difficult and nerve-wracking. But with all the practice and rehearsal, they have become confident and got used to this lifestyle. For them, the most exciting part is to connect with the audience and make them feel something. Fun fact: the performers get a course on make-up in the beginning and after that, they always do their own exotic make-up. Chapeau.

After the press conference and after looking at my agenda, I quickly bought my tickets. I am really looking forward to this magical night.

And here some pictures:

DSC_5169 DSC_5171 DSC_5182 DSC_5196 DSC_5197 DSC_5200 DSC_5203 DSC_5239 DSC_5242 DSC_5244 DSC_5252 DSC_5266 DSC_5273 DSC_5287 DSC_5289 DSC_5293 DSC_5317

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