I love passionate and creative people. The kind of crazy people who are brave enough to pursue their dreams and turn their passionate vision into reality. Because these kind of passions turn into beautiful projects like What.Eve.Wears. Not only is What.Eve.Wears an ethical, cruelty-free and sustainable fashion line but it is also breathtakingly beautiful. I adore the collection mainly because it’s delicate and because of the different materials (I am crazy for lace). You can see the love in all the details.

Stylianee, the founder of What.Eve.Wears wanted to combine different creativeness minds and that’s how last Wednesday evening was created in Belval. A talented photographer, a creative fashion designer, an inventive  jewelry maker,  two beautiful models. And then there was me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay very long (Beirut was playing the same evening) but I did take some photos. Here they are:


_DSC3407 _DSC3410 _DSC3412 _DSC3427 _DSC3431 _DSC3449 _DSC3452 _DSC3471 _DSC3475 _DSC3488 _DSC3492

Clothes: Summer capsule by  What.Eve.Wears.
Jewelry by Rina Oliveira
Main photographer and creative idea by Organic Technoloji
Models: Sofia and Melina




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