Liège. Part 2.

Pack your camera. Disconnect from the world. Get on the train. Remember why you hate the Belgian train. Drive through a scenery of beautiful ugliness. Walk through a trippy Dali-Exposition. Get lost while trying to do some Urbex-hunting. Find no other soul to ask the directions. Get found by a couple of Pokémon-hunting guys. Take pictures. Walk. Try to understand why people like this torturous hot weather so much. Walk some more. Remember why you dislike Liège.  Nevertheless, get inspired and create.

_DSC6752 _DSC6851 _DSC6852 _DSC6862 _DSC6876 _DSC6877 _DSC6881 _DSC6884 _DSC6885 _DSC6887 _DSC6891 _DSC6896 _DSC6935

_DSC6779 _DSC6840 _DSC6831 _DSC6776


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