Streeta(rt)nimation 2016

Street artists in Luxembourg. For 2 days.

I missed the aerobatic beauty. It was not like the years before. What happened? Where did the magic go?

_DSC7631 _DSC7639 _DSC7643 _DSC7659 _DSC7669 _DSC7687 _DSC7693 _DSC7728 _DSC7729 _DSC7735 _DSC7736 _DSC7743 _DSC7745 _DSC7747 _DSC7754 _DSC7763 _DSC7786 _DSC7795 _DSC7853 _DSC7932 _DSC7942 _DSC7956 _DSC7963 _DSC7967 _DSC7980 _DSC7985 _DSC7986 _DSC7988 _DSC8001 _DSC8016 _DSC8029


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  1. You’re right, there were about half as many performances, and the quality of the shows was so much better last year. Both nights of STREETA(RT)NIMATION 2015 there were music bands playing, the first evening a tin-pot band and the second evening an excellent band from somewhere in Germany. This year was a big let down.

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