Fashion Revolution!

Clothes, style and fashion, such an interesting representation of a part of who we are. I do think that they represent our personalities and they can tell a story. Sometimes we even use our style to express ourselves. I love the different textures, especially lace, velvet and net. And the colour black! But I hate shopping. It gives me headache and I see it more as a task than a hobby.  I try to only go when I really need something specific. That way I avoid compulsive buying of things I do not even need to begin with. I am more and more horrified by our buying attitude. We want more and we want it cheap and fast.

Who made our clothes? Do we ever wonder? That last top that you bought for that party or that pretty dress for your graduation? Do we dare to visualize who made it? If like me, you mostly buy your clothes from shops like H&M and Zara, chances are high that a little girl in Bangladesh made these clothes in inhuman conditions with very little pay.

Let’s open our eyes. Let’s try to be more conscience. Let’s ask our favorite brands to be more transparent. Let’s spend less. Let’s value more. Let’s be more environment friendly. Let’s care more. Let’s just be a little bit kinder!

If you are interested in knowing more about the slow and ethical fashion industry, in joining some upcycling workshops, in meeting ethical designers, in demanding transparency from bigger brands and if you want to be part of the change, join the fashion revolution. In Luxembourg, the event will take place on 29.04 in Rotondes. I will be the girl with the camera trying to capture the day. Hopefully see you there!

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