Koll an Aktioun 2017

Ever since I visited Koll an Aktioun last year, for the first time, I was enchanted and really looking forward to this year’s edition. There is something about the location, the colorful decoration and the friendly people. And the vibe! It’s amazing.

We went on both days to breathe it all in.

We saw the art expositions, which included 9 artists this year, we looked through the second hand market, we had a glimpse of the children’s activities, we discovered local sellers, we meet so many familiar faces and chatted with them, we listen to the one or other band (part 2 will be dedicated to the bands) and we took TONS of photos, because the place is just so beautiful. Hence the photo-spamming.

There was a mix of generations and of arts. Old and young and everything in between. Music lover, art lover, history and nature admirer or food lover. Everyone could find something.

It was the perfect escape.

I am looking forward to next year’s edition. Until then, here are some visual memories:


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