When Siren Calls

Ry X, Oscar And the Wolf, James Vincent McMarrow. When I heard those names in one line-up, my heart started beating faster. Siren’s Call made it happen. This new indie-electro music festival in the heart of Luxembourg’s valley, the Grund. Hosted by Den Atelier and Neimenster, it was the first one of it’s kind.

On 24.06, on a sunny Saturday and in the picturesque location with 3 different stages (one stage was in a church), some food trucks and beautiful music, it was a successful first edition.

The first act I saw, and was waiting to see impatiently was the mesmerizing Ry X. I saw the talented singer back in December when he played in the sold-out Cathedral of Luxembourg. He blew my mind again, but it was hard to beat that dreamy performance of December, a performance that left me with goosebumps and some tears in eyes.

Next up was Superpoze’s set in the St. Jean church stage. The contrast of that music with that decoration and atmosphere of the church with that late afternoon sun peaking trough those colorful windows was perfection.

I then had a glimpse of James Vincent Mc Marrow. Ever since I heard his song Ghosts back in 2011, I fell kind of a little bit in love with his voice. There is this softness and vulnerability. Just magical.


For personal reasons, I had to leave for a wile. But i came back in time to experience the one and only  Oscar and the Wolf. I wanted to see them back in October 2015 when they played in Luxembourg for the first time, but I didn’t manage. So I was looking forward to their show. It was almost dark, the Grund was gorgeous and the people were on fire. And boy, Oscar and the Wolf knew how to get the Luxembourgish crowd to dance. He danced and it was contagious.

Then we made our way through the dreamy path, decorated with lanterns, to the infamous Melusina, where the party continued. I stayed for a while and gazed at the people dancing before heading home.

Siren (98)Siren (99)


All in all it was a beautiful festival, especially for a first edition. I do hope to see more editions in the future.

And a big thanks to Den Atelier.

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