Hello Stranger


Welcome to parts of Sunny’s life in Luxembourg through her lens.

In 2010, Sunny had this idea to start a blog visually documenting her life, a photo a day. The initial concept doesn’t seem relevant anymore with the social media age and so her blog has transformed itself into a photography-blog.

Sunny likes to spam her blog with all kind of pictures because taking photos is like a therapy for her. Sunny likes to capture the beauty in everything she sees and everywhere she goes. She likes the small details, the beauty in random and daily objects and everything that could possibly inspire her. Sometimes, she hijacks her photography-blog and writes. But mostly, she borrows the words from the parallel universe she lives in: the universe of movies and music. Sunny hates phone calls and sunny weather. She has an addiction of making lists of all kinds. Her favorite kinds are the to-do lists and she gets an enormous pleasure when she can cross off things from her lists. She adores making new experiences and going to new places, far and near.

What or who is an Ochrasy you ask? Well it’s a song by Mando Diao that Sunny loved when she was younger. Ochrasy is this mental place where you go and no one else can come in. A safe haven, if you will.

Sunny hopes you’ll enjoy your stay in her little piece of the World Wide Web.

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  1. Hello Sunny! I enjoy taking photographs, too and I’m a big fan of photography blogs. I think your blog is really cool and I love your concept, hihi 🙂 Thanks for sharing your inspiring pictures!

    • Hello 🙂
      Thank you so much for your cute words! It means a lot! I am looking forward to you next DIY-projects 😀

  2. Congratulations Sunny!!! I am so happy that you made this step in your blogging!!! I hope it will bring only good experiences for you!!!! 🙂

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